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Increase your productivity up to 80% with 80/20 rule

Are you eager to do more in less time? If yes, it is time to adapt the Pareto principle. This is the 80/20 rule which helps in improving the performance with less stress. In today’s competitive world, it is tough to stay on top. With this rule, you can achieve better heights.

Let us find out more about it.

80/20 rule

All about the 80/20 rule

Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist in the year 1906, is the person behind this rule. One day, he was strolling in the garden. This is when he observed something. From 20% of pea plants in the garden, there was the production of 80% peas per year. This led him to the principle of the 80/20 rule or Pareto principle. It states that with 20% input one can achieve 80% output. This holds true in current times. Whether you are a business manager or a freelancer, following this rule can do wonders.

80/20 rule in business

You will find that 80% of the sales in the company happens due to 20% of the customers. In various other business management situations, this principle is giving results.

Transform your business with 80/20 rule

Less stress

It becomes overwhelming when you are spending too much time on a task. It is more annoying when there is no result. You need an antidote which is the 80/20 rule. Applying it you can utilize your energy in the right direction. You do not have to put in too much effort. There is no wastage of time and energy.

Higher level of engagement with your work.

There is a lack of connection with the work when you spend too much time on it. You may also feel frustrating to perform any task. What if you get more time to do the essential task? For that matter, the Pareto principle works. It brings you joy in doing your work. 80/20 rule for working professionals is useful in handling pressure. Also, there is more work engagement and less boredom.

Free time for other work

When you are busy with a lot of work, your hobbies remain untouched. You are unable to take out time for them. But, everyone wants to pursue his or her passion. With this rule, you can make it possible. After completing the task, there is enough time left with you. Use it for enhancing your skills or making time for your family.

80/20 rule in time management

The best thing in the world is when you give less time to a certain task and get results. You can focus on other priorities. There is no rush in completing the projects. You have enough time to finish the task before deadlines. This is how the 80/20 rule in time management works. It improves efficiency and saves your time.

80/20 rule in learning

Studying becomes boring when you spend too much time on without getting any output. Taking proper breaks and minimizing distractions helps in studying. This way your time in learning goes less. But at the same time, you become more productive. If you plan things well in advance, the 80/20 rule in learning will give you the desired result.


Find your 20%

80/20 rule for working professionals is all about finding the 20%. You should look for the areas where you are spending too much effort. Analyze how you can minimize it. Understand the activities which take more time. Once you gather this data, note down the task which helps in getting better returns. Find answers to questions like, What are your daily major activities? Are all worth giving time? How you can plan for the various tasks? There are options to automate 80% of the task and streamline them. Some other things which you can do to apply the 80/20 rule in business.

  • Track the amount of time you are spending
  • Give importance to key clients
  • Look how Pareto principle can shape up your overall life including business.
  • Explore the areas which is taking too much of your resources.

Ending Remarks

Remember you do not have to follow the 80/20 rule rigidly. But, applying it as a tool can give great benefits in long run. Also, there are effective returns on investments. This is possible if you keep an eye on where your efforts are going. After all, it is important to spend your time in the right place.

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