Blog of the day Award!

Blogging Fusion Blog Directory Blog of the day
On May 26,2018 the blog of iexperiencing topped the list on the blogging fusion website and awarded as the ‘blog of the day’. Blogging Fusion is one of the oldest directories online where bloggers can list their blog and was started 12 years ago. We received an email from the blogging fusion from which we got to know about this news.

We were delighted to see the stats and found our blog topped the list.

They have also provided us blog of the day badge.

The Blog of the day or better known as (BOTD) are blogs that have been selected by the Blogging Fusion Blog Directory Editor’s as top blogs.

Blogging Fusion Blog Directory Blog of the day

They choose the Blogs of the day based on the following criteria:

– Quality of content.
– Blog design and layout.
– Blog Activity & user interaction (comments, ratings, reviews).
– Number of referrals each month.
– Site Ratings.
– Blog Directory Editor’s Review of blogs.
– Number of Hits or (level of Popularity).
– Number of Indexed or backlins.


We hope readers like our work and we will deliver more post content about the real professional experiences of different people to our readers in future as well. We would like to thank our blog readers for their support!



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