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How to detox your brain and detox heavy metals from brain to eradicate grogginess

When there is accumulation of toxins in the body, one needs to opt for a detox. The word detox means “removing unhealthy or toxic substances from the body so that the body functions smoothly without any hindrances. Majority of the population thinks that detox is a very difficult thing to do but is actually a very easy process. Detox can even help to prevent some deadly conditions that one might face due to accumulation of toxins in the brain. With brain being the most important part which allows cognition one must detox their brain from time to time.

Why do you need a brain detox?

When a lot of unwanted chemicals or toxins get accumulated in the brain one can experience grogginess, frequent headaches or just can feel sick all the time. If you let the toxins accumulate in the body, it might lead to various diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or cardiovascular diseases. Therefore one must be extremely careful and detox when they feel the toxin levels are high. Brain controls every action and every decision we take anything that hinders the brain will hinder rest of the body parts too.

What is heavy metal detox?

With our very modern lifestyles we are often exposed to a lot of chemicals unknowingly. Some heavy metals like zinc and iron are very important for healthy functioning of the body but anything in excess is always harmful for the body. Heavy metal accumulation is very common due to modernization and industrial evolution each and every single day. Brain detoxification is extremely important so that the excess heavy metals do not harm you. It is not a difficult process and you do not have to get admitted in the hospital for a brain detox.

What are all the heavy metals that might lead to grogginess?

Heavy metals are necessary for the body to function. Heavy metals like arsenic, chromium, zinc, lead, iron when present excess in the body are proven to be lethal. One can experience anything ranging from a skin disease to a brain disease. Therefore one must be extremely careful and brain dextox at regular intervals to avoid any serious damage. Brain detox usually includes a diet and lifestyle change for few weeks till all the grogginess goes away. A brain detox can be done in few simple steps. 


What leads to heavy metal exposure?

Heavy metals can enter into your body by many means. Food is one of the main sources that a heavy metal enters into your body. Therefore you must be careful about what you eat. Soil has lot of heavy metals. If you live in areas with high soil erosion, you might be accumulating heavy metals in your body. Mining activities, industrial wastes, fuel and fossil fuel emissions can also contain a large percentage of heavy metals. If the air is polluted in your area, that might lead to you getting exposed to heavy metals too. No one can escape heavy metal exposure these days.

Some things that you need to know before a brain detox

There is a special substance that is produced in the body called chelator which is essentially responsible to bind all the heavy metals in the body and excretes them out when the body does not need them. Chelators can only remove a little bit everyday which leads to accumulation of all these heavy metals. A brain detox will help as an aid to the chelators and remove the most gunks that your body does not require.

If there is a high percentage of accumulation then the doctors might prescribe few drugs that have the capacity to remove the heavy metals from the body. In addition to those drugs, you can use a brain detox to help the process to be more effective. This condition is very common and one has to not worry about it a lot. If not done at right time the complications can occur in any part of the body. If you have any symptoms like frequent headaches, cramping, nausea or your body just doesn’t feel right then it is time for you to brain detox.

How to detox your brain?

If you want a brain detoxification from heavy metals, you just need to make small changes to your food and lifestyle and make sure you find sustainable ways to make this your lifestyle. There are super foods for brain detox that one must surely include to their diet and have them regularly.


Here is the list of super foods that you must include.

  1. Cilantro: Cilantro is effective to eradicate Salmonella which is life threatening disease. It helps in flushing down harmful heavy metals too.

2. Garlic: Garlic can help in removing heavy metals like cadmium and mercury. A lot of studies have been conducted to prove that garlic can help in brain detox.

3. Wild Blueberries: When heavy metals are present in your brain, it will surely react and cause oxidation. Wild blueberries are known to heal and fill any voids that are created due to heavy metal oxidation.

4. Lemons: Any detox is incomplete without lemons. Since they are a rich source of Vitamin C they can help repair the tissues that are damaged.

5. Spirulina: Spirulina is an alga that helps in removing the heavy metals straight from the brain. You can have tablets or mix two spoons of powder in water and ingest it.

6. Barley Grass: It has a lot of potential to remove toxins and other heavy metals from different parts of the body.

7. Atlantic dulse: Atlantic dulse is a kind of seaweed that is known to extract a lot of heavy metals from the body. It can eradicate cooper, aluminum, cadmium, nickel but it does a very excellent job in removing mercury. It binds to mercury molecules and simply excretes them.

8. Curd: Curd is an excellent source for probiotics and probiotics help in maintaining overall health.

9. Maintain a bed time and have sufficient sleep:

Your body repairs itself in sleep. Having a sleep schedule is important if you want brain detox to work. One must at least have a 7-9 hour decent sleep to help the brain to detox itself. If you have stress and anxiety issues you must make sure that you de-stress and sleep.

10. Exercise is important for effective brain detox:

Workout can help you in de-stressing, gives a dopamine release and helps you to sweat out all the toxins that your body has accumulated. There are studies which show that it helps in removing toxins from the brain too and hence it becomes one of the most crucial step to detox the brain from heavy metals.

11. Stay hydrated to flush out all the toxins from the brain:

While performing a brain detox, you must have sufficient water to remove all the toxins from sweat and urine. Having sufficient water helps in easier bowel movements, helps in improving concentration and all the cognitive functions that are related to the brain. Most of the people suffer with heavy metal poisoning due to insufficient water intake. Make sure you drink 2 to 3 liters of water every day.

12. Brain exercise will also help a lot to detox:

Playing memory games or games that require you to put all the concentration will help you to de-stress as well as detox. Meditation and yoga will help a lot too. Breathing exercises are important so that your brain can function properly. Make sure you are putting work to your brain every single day.

13. Make sure there is Glymphatic Drainage

It is important to know that all the toxins that are thrown away are by the glymphatic system. Glymphatic system only works when the body gets proper nutrition, exercise and sleep. For proper brain detoxes make sure you make a schedule and follow it religiously. Your body is very complex and highly receptive. If you start showing your body all the care, it will automatically flush out all the toxins and unwanted materials out of your body without putting in too much of effort. Scheduling will help in proper glymphatic drainage. Facial exercises can also help the blood flowing in your face and help you to wake up and not feel groggy.


Everyone experiences heavy metal poisoning and everyone is prone to it. The only thing that might help in brain detox is maintaining proper lifestyle as food habits.                

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