Experience #24 -Experience Of An Artistic Photographer!

Profession: Artistic Photography

Experience: 1.5 years

Location: Portugal, Lisboa


Artistic photography is something with a story, a power within, something that is made to make you feel something.

I started when I was a teenager with ordinary cameras. Photography is everything, even the selfies that girls take of them in front of the mirror.


My Personal Experience: 

This all began with sculptures and I was making so many and getting bigger that I couldn’t keep them because of space. I started to photoshoot them artistically. So made a cycle like a god, I was creating a body, bringing it to life and then the destruction. One day, one master of photography saw some potential in me and I still learning every day from such magical guy Daniel Mattar, more than a professor, a friend.

Nowadays I am working at every type of photography except landscapes and weddings (I hate it). The most important of my work I think that is Press photography because it has an impact in the society to change something for good, to show something that the people are not aware, sometimes to help and be a hero for one day.

I truly love my Street and urban photography because its a way I have to show how I see the world, how I feel. Commercial and portraits photography is what I do the most and the way I get the financial incoming.


The Hard part I feel about this profession as per my experience till now is: 

In my opinion, the only hard part is is that are so many “photographers” that people that buy a professional camera and feel like a professional photographer, that gives bad influence to the market.


The thing I feel “happy” about this profession: 

A smile on the client’s face saying that I did a good photo.


Pros And Cons which I feel about this profession are :

Well…pros are everything and that’s why I love this art, it is like a marriage even the imperfections become perfection. The only cons are how the photography is such a black hole, all my money disappears to get something better and better.


My suggestions for anyone who would like to make a career in this profession:

Make sure that everyone likes your photography because the world is so full of ordinary pictures and if it is not special that person will only waste time.  It is easy to get a pro camera, but talent is something you cannot buy.


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