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Advanced Google Searching Skills.

There are millions of people who use Google every day. Some use it for educational purposes, and some use it for entertainment. 

Millions of searches happen on Google. 

Google always gives you instant results, be it anything. 

But do you know how to use these searching skills correctly?

In this blog, we will talk about advanced google skills that you can apply in order to get the results you want from Google.

advanced google iexperiencing

Use Quotes

When searching for something particular, try to use quotes so that Google takes less effort to understand. 

For example, 

If you search for Good Services, the results that Google will give you will have these two words in any order.

But if you search for – “Good Services.” use quotation marks. It will show results precisely the way you typed them.

Use a Hyphen

Certain words have two meanings. And when you search for it on Google, it might give you results on both meanings. 

For example, when you search Google for Bat, you may get results for both the animal and the sports equipment. If you want to get results for one of them, use the hyphen to be specific. See the example below –

Bat -equipment

In this way, the search engine will give you results only for the animal and not the sports equipment.

Use a colon to look for specific websites.

There are times when you want to look for information from a specific website. Here is an example; take a look,

Robin Williams

In this way, the search engine will give results for Robin Williams, but only on Google will exclude all the other results.

Use this shortcut to cut down too many results when you need to.

Use a Wave Dash

You can use a wave dash to search for a word and all its synonyms.

For example – 

  • ~ mental

When you search for the word mental this way, Google will give you its meaning and all its synonyms.

Search File types

When looking for a specific kind of file on the internet, use [filetype:] to search for files that match your question, for example, use [filetype: pdf] to get a pdf or [filetype: doc] to find a Microsoft Word document. 

Search Define

When searching for a word’s meaning, use [define:] to get the definition. For example,

define: happiness

In this way, you are going to get results that give the definition of happiness.

Find sites similar to other sites.

Many times you get bored with a website and want to go on another one. In this situation, you can use this trick.

Here is the syntax:


If you search this, you will not find a link to Amazon. Instead, you will find links to online stores that are like Amazon.

Do Calculations

The Google search engine is capable of doing basic calculations. Not all math problems but most of them.

For example, 

  • 5*5+5

When you search this one, it will return 30.

Hence, if you do not want to use your head, sometimes you can use the google search engine to do calculations.

It also shows a calculator for you to solve more questions.

Keep it Simple

You must have used the Google search engine a lot of times, and it might be clear that it is capable of performing and giving instant results.

Just remember that the search engine does not require you to be very specific about searching for something.

There was a recent Indian advertisement for Google Search in which a father asked her daughter to ask the Google search engine anything.

So she asks – “What is the scientific name for Goldfish?

And Google instantly replies – “Carassius auratus.”

Hence, you should know that the Google search engine is capable of understanding simple things.

Use the Search Engine’s Memory

When you begin using the Google search engine, there might be fewer suggestions in the bar. But slowly and steadily, on continuous usage, it accounts for your previous searches, thus giving you accurate recommendations for your search.

Use this memory to save your time and get what you want.

Spellings don’t matter.

The Google search has become sharper over the years. You do not necessarily need to type correct spellings to search.

Even if you miss a few alphabets, Google will figure it out for you.

You can use this trick to search for things that you are not sure about; you can also use this to search for unknown words to improve your grammar.

Track Your Package

Lastly, we inform you that with Google search, you can track your packages. Just enter the tracking number directly in the search bar, and the tracking information will be there. It’s a good way to track your package instead of going on specific websites.


advanced google iexperiencing

The Google Search Engine is a great way to look for whatever you want to know. And by using the tricks given above, you can save time as well.

Technology is improving every day, and it was never possible to get this much information. Hence, we should make good use of whatever modern times has made possible and available.

With this, we are going to end the discussion. 

We hope that the information here is going to help you understand most of the advanced Google searching skills, and you may use them to get better results next time you look for something on the internet.

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